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Apprenticeship completed!

„You are the future of our trade“, said biha President Marianne Frickel to the new journeymen and women during the traditional ceremony for the successful completion of their vocational training on July 09, 2022 and congratulated them on their journeyman/woman certificates. 689 apprentices from all over Germany have completed their 3-year vocational training in their companies and passed the journeyman/woman exam at the Campus Hearing Acoustics this summer. Due to the ongoing pandemic, their graduation ceremony took place as an online event.

Well attended afh workshops at Arab Hearing Health Conference in Jordan

The afh workshops during the 8th Arab Hearing Health Conference organized by the Advanced Arab Academy of Audiovestibulogy (AAAA) in Amman, Kingdom of Jordan, were met with great interest. ENT specialists, audiologists and experts in the field of rehabilitation of hearing impairments from the entire Arab region got together for this expert conference held from May 12 to 14, 2022, for training and continued education.  

Education Agreement: Transfer of Knowledge from Campus Hearing Acoustics to Egypt

There is a global demand for the expertise provided by the Campus Hearing Acoustics. In order to intensify the bilateral transfer of knowledge in the field of professional training, the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians has concluded a partnership agreement with the highest committee responsible for the education of medical skilled workers in Egypt, the Supreme Council of University Hospitals in Egypt, in May. Train-the-Trainer classes of afh lecturers are planned as online sessions and on-site courses in Cairo.

NDR TV reports about afh pediactric acoustics training

As part of a program for the „Schleswig-Holstein Magazin“ a camera team of the NDR (North Germany Broadcasting) accompanied the practical exercises with children, which were part of a pediatric acoustic training at the Academy of Hearing Acoustics. The TV coverage was announced by an online report (NDR-Online-Bericht) covering this year’s „Tag gegen Lärm“ (International Noise Awareness Day), the 27th April 2022. The program stresses the importance of early care for children diagnosed with a hearing impairment, its challenges and how hearing aid professionals are prepared to meet these.

Congratulations on successfully completing your apprenticeship – have a good start into your professional career!

The Hearing Acoustic craft celebrates new journeymen/women: With their journeyman/women examination in the winter 2021/2022, 236 apprentices from all over Germany have successfully completed their 3-year vocational training in their companies and on the Campus Hearing Acoustics. Due to the pandemic, the traditional ceremony could only be held as an online event with approximately 1000 participants.

Bachelor Professional Certificate

Once again, many journeymen and journeywomen have successfully passed their Master examination at the Academy for Hearing Acoustics this year after intensive preparations. Since 2020, you are allowed, as a Master Craftsman/woman in the Hearing Acoustic craft, to use the protected professional title of „Bachelor Professional“ next to the Master title. In addition to the Master Craftsman/Woman certificate an official Bachelor Professional Certificate can be requested from the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Professionals.

International Summer Academy 2021

International exchange of experience and top-class advanced training for hearing aid professionals based on the respected German standards in English language: From 25th to the 29th of October 2021, the afh once again organized the renowned “International Summer Academy“ (ISA). 20 participants from 10 different countries joined the ISA for training and to share knowledge. The international event for continued education was moved from the summer to the fall.