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Instructor Meetings 2024: Registrations still possible

Meeting fellow instructors help you prepare your apprentices in the best possible way for their Vocational School classes, the industry-wide content and the exams. Focus of this year’s meetings will be a series of customized lectures for instructors, as well as an exchange of experience and information. A registration for the meetings in Stuttgart, Mainz, Dortmund, Kassel, Hanover and Lübeck is still possible.Moreover, there will be an online meeting. Please submit your registration for all dates through the booking portal.

Delegation of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics attends International Expert Conference in Egypt

From November 16 to 18, a delegation of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics has taken part in the Luxor „Ain Shams Audiology Conference“. During the 3-day event in Egypt, about 200 professional visitors exchanged their expertise on topics around the fitting of hearing systems and the supply with hearing implants. During the conference and trade show with various series of talks, the 50th anniversary of the Ain Shams University, Cairo’s biggest university was also celebrated.

Week of vocational education: Campus Hearing Acoustics promotes apprenticeships in Hearing Acoustic Craft

From November 27 to December 03, 2023, the Campus Hearing Acoustics took part in the first “Week of Vocational Training Schleswig-Holstein” under the motto “Chances and Professional Perspectives with vocational Training”. A Campus Hearing Acoustics team informed students, as well as interested teachers and parents about apprenticeships and career options in the Hearing Acoustic craft.

Fünf Fragen an: Christoph von Kannen, Dozent

Christoph von Kannen

Christoph von Kannen absolvierte zunächst eine Ausbildung zum Radio- und Fernsehtechniker und war einige Jahre im Musikinstrumentenhandel selbständig tätig, bevor er sich 2012 für eine Ausbildung zum Hörakustiker entschied. 2017 folgte die erfolgreiche Meisterprüfung und anschließend die Leitung eines Fachgeschäfts.

Fünf Fragen an: Laura Birch, Dozentin

Laura Birch ist gelernte Hörakustikerin. Nach bestandener Meisterprüfung im Jahr 2021 übernahm sie zunächst die Fachgeschäftsleitung einer größeren Filiale im Hamburger Raum; seit 2022 ist sie als Dozentin an der afh im Fachbereich Wirtschaft, Recht und Arbeitspädagogik tätig.

Luebeck Mayor visits Campus Hörakustik

Jan Lindenau, Mayor of the Hansetown Luebeck, visited the Campus Hearing Acoustics on October 26, 2023. During a campus tour, he was very impressed by the state-of-the-art equipment and the excellent conditions and environment for vocational training and further education at Germany’s central educational institute for the hearing acoustic craft, which is the largest worldwide.