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Gelungener Start: Erster HörHanse Tag in Lübeck begeistert

Am 7. Juni verwandelten sich die media docks in Lübeck beim ersten HörHanse Tag in einen Treffpunkt für über 100 Fachleute und Interessierte rund um das Thema Hören. Unter dem Motto „Qualität des Hörens“ bot die Konferenz eine vielfältige Austauschmöglichkeiten zu neuesten Erkenntnissen und Entwicklungen in den Bereichen klinische Anwendungen, auditive Kognition, Hörakustik und Audiologie sowie Musizierendengesundheit.
Das von der Damp-Stiftung geförderte Projekt HörHanse verfolgt das Ziel, Menschen mit Hörbeeinträchtigungen eine verlässliche akustische Kommunikation bei hohem Hörkomfort zu ermöglichen. Die Akademie für Hörakustik (afh) trägt hier ihr umfangreiches Know-how bei und stärkt als Teil des Bündnisses den Standort Lübeck als bundesweiter Vorreiter in der Hörakustik.

Hearing Acoustic Academy takes part in 10th Arab Hearing Health Conference in Jordan

From May 2-4, 2024, lecturers of the Hearing Acoustic Academy attended the 10th Arab Hearing Health Conference (AHH 2024) organized by the Advanced Arab Academy of Audiovestibulogy (AAAA) in Amman, Jordan. This expert conference on rehabilitation for people with hearing impairments, combines medical and audiologic interests from the entire region and is the most important meeting for hearing aid professionals, audiologists and ENT specialists in the Arab world.

Campus Hearing Acoustics welcomes vocational career coaches

On the initiative of the Lübeck Chamber of Crafts, 25 professional orientation coordinators visited the Campus Hearing Acoustic on April 23, 2024. Teachers of general education schools, who counsel students regarding their career choices, learned about the apprenticeship program in the hearing acoustic craft. After a guided tour and conversations with apprentices, lecturers and teachers of the vocational school on campus, the group agreed that they would suggest the modern health craft Hearing-aid professional with its excellent career options more often in their counselling sessions in the future. It was also discussed to offer a professional practice day for their students at the Campus Hearing Acoustics.

Join us in promoting the vocational training in the hearing acoustic craft!

Initiated by the Federal Office of Labour, together with a number of partners, the federal Week of Vocational Training from March 11 to 17, 2024, informs about the opportunites with a dual apprenticeship. An apprenticeship in hearing acoustics, is an excellent basis for a meaningful professional career with great future and career prospects. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified teaching staff, Campus Hearing Acoustics, which combines the Federal Vocational School and the facilities for the industry-wide training of future hearing aid professionals, offers outstanding conditions in order to prepare for this interesting and demanding profession and to start a professional, german-wide network early on in your career.

Next career move: Master Craftsman Certificate!

„Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all!“ – the motto of yesterday’s WHO World Hearing Day, underlines once again the social importance of everyone, who works in the hearing acoustic craft and ensures the professional care for people with hearing impairments, now and in the future. Hearing Aid professionals are sought-after, highly skilled professionals. With a master craftsman certificate, you are able to train apprentices and pass on your knowledge. So why wait for the next career step, after a successful completion of your apprenticeship? The Academy of Hearing Acoustics offers preparatory courses for the Master Craftsman examination in line with the new exam regulations, highly qualified lecturers and state-of-the-art equipment.

Instructor Meetings 2024: Registrations still possible

Meeting fellow instructors help you prepare your apprentices in the best possible way for their Vocational School classes, the industry-wide content and the exams. Focus of this year’s meetings will be a series of customized lectures for instructors, as well as an exchange of experience and information. A registration for the meetings in Stuttgart, Mainz, Dortmund, Kassel, Hanover and Lübeck is still possible.Moreover, there will be an online meeting. Please submit your registration for all dates through the booking portal.

Delegation of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics attends International Expert Conference in Egypt

From November 16 to 18, a delegation of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics has taken part in the Luxor „Ain Shams Audiology Conference“. During the 3-day event in Egypt, about 200 professional visitors exchanged their expertise on topics around the fitting of hearing systems and the supply with hearing implants. During the conference and trade show with various series of talks, the 50th anniversary of the Ain Shams University, Cairo’s biggest university was also celebrated.