Academy of Hearing Acoustics
First Class Education and Training for Hearing Aid Professionals

Academy of Hearing Acoustics
First Class Education and Training for Hearing Aid Professionals

Academy of Hearing Acoustics
First Class Education and Training for Hearing Aid Professionals

Academy of Hearing Acoustics
First Class Education and Training for Hearing Aid Professionals

Campus Hearing Acoustics

From the initial vocational training to the master craftsman certificate and beyond: The Campus Hearing Acoustics is the central location for training, advanced and continued education in the field of hearing acoustics in Germany. As part of an internationally unique cooperation between the Federal Vocational School for Hearing Aid Professionals (LBS) and the Academy of Hearing Acoustics (afh), hearing aid professionals from all over Germany have received practical and theoretical training on this campus since 1972. The intermediate, journeymen as well as Master craftsmen courses and exams take place on campus. The Campus Hearing Acoustics and the dual system of apprenticeship for hearing aid professionals are exemplary worldwide.

More Information

Largest training facility for hearing aid
professionals in the world:

  • founded 1972
  • 40,000 m²  campus
  • 130 teachers and lecturers and more than 100 experienced professionals as regular guest lecturers
  • 3,200 apprentices, 450 master of crafts students
  • 52 classrooms, 10 laboratories, 56 fitting and audiometry rooms, 6 ear mould laboratories with CAD and 3D-printing capabilities
  • 7 boarding houses with more than 1,000 beds offering accommodation
  • 3 hearing aid magazines for education and training, stocked with the newest models from all manufacturers
  • more than 1,000 journeyman degrees awarded every year
  • cooperations with more than 30 countries
  • investments of over 60 million Euro by the federal guild of hearing aid professionals (biha), supported by federal and state governments

Training and Courses

In addition to our German language courses we offer practical training and advanced courses in English on many topics, either on-campus in Luebeck, Germany or abroad.

Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Real Ear Measurements
  • Percentile Analysis
  • Verification and Evaluation
  • Audiometry
  • Objective Measurements

Ear Moulds

  • Impression Taking
  • Ear Mould Production and Milling
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Advanced Topics

  • Pediatric Hearing Care
  • Hearing Implant Care
  • Tinnitus Care
  • Rehabilitation and Counseling
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Academy of Hearing Acoustics

International Office

International Summer Academy

The afh Summer Academy, a one of a kind event, has become an acknowledged meeting of international experts in hearing and important point of contact. Guests from more than 30 different nations have met in Lübeck over the past ten years. Accomplished experts from the Academy and the private sector come together to share their knowledge on select topics. They offer practical training based on the respected German standards – via active practice with real patients and using state-of-the-art equipment available at the Academy. Hearing aid professionals, audiologists and ENT doctors all profit from this profound training and practical experience. Networking and intercultural exchange are given ample room to facilitate international professional connections.

International Summer Academy 2023:

  • International Summer Academy (Basic Training)
    dates to be announced
  • International Summer Academy (Pediatric Training)
    March 27th to 31st Registration open – please contact

Cooperations –

Selected Partners in Education and Training

World Health Organization

European Commission

European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals

Advanced Arab Academy of Audiology

Swiss Professional Association of Hearing Aid Professionals

İCAAD – İşitme Cihazları Akustik ve Audiology Derneği (Turkey)

Health Human resources Development Center, Ministry of Health, People’s Republic of China