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City Cycling Luebeck: Team Campus Hearing Acoustics among Top 20

Riding a bike keeps you fit and saves CO2 – the Campus Hearing Acoustics joined the City Cycling initiative from August 28 to September 17 with its own team. A total of 51 teachers, co-workers, lecturers and students were part of the team and cycled 7.818 kilometers during this period. Compared to travelling by car, this means that we jointly saved 1.149 kg CO2: an important contribution to protecting the climate and achieving a better quality of life in Luebeck. If you are interested in learning more about the details, check out the results on

City Cycling Lübeck: Team Campus Hearing Acoustics is looking for “kilometer heroes”!

Riding a bike is fun, healthy and climate-friendly – for this reason the Campus Hearing Acoustics will join the City Cycling campaign of the city of Lübeck, which takes place from August 28 to September 17, 2021, with its own team. Anyone, who wants to take part, is more than welcome. Simply register at the project website for the Campus Hearing Acoustics team and off you go! Every kilometer on bike or pedelec counts and contributes to becoming a team of kilometer heroes.

Joining forces against Corona: Vaccination offers on Campus Hearing Acoustics

Fighting the pandemic is a matter of honor: Apprentices, students of master craftsman courses, teachers, lecturers and Campus employees are hence presented with the opportunity to get vaccinated against Covid-19 right here on site. Vaccinations will be applied on Campus with the product of the Mainz company BioNTech in cooperation with the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (Association of Statutory Health Insurances) Schleswig Holstein.

Start of a new year of apprenticeship

The Campus Hearing Acoustics welcomes all new apprentices of the hearing acoustic craft and wishes them a good start. In August, classes and industry-wide training sessions will resumes in Lübeck after the summer break. Approximately 3,200 apprentices are currently undergoing the vocational training to become a hearing acoustician professional in Germany. The Campus Hearing Acoustics is pleased that this year another 1,000 young people have chosen to pursue a dual apprenticeship program in the system-relevant health craft.

New Masters!

The Hearing Acoustic craft welcomes its new master craftsmen/women. After intensive preparations, about 250 journeyman/women have already successfully completed their master examination at the Academy for Hearing Acoustics this year. Systematically relevant professions with a Master Craftsman requirement, such as the one of a hearing aid professional, do not rank behind a university degree. As a matter of fact, Master Craftsmen in the hearing acoustic trade are entitled to use the protected designation “Bachelor Professional” in Germany.

Apprenticeship successfully completed: Congratulations on the journeyman’s certificate!

The Hearing Acoustics craft congratulates its new skilled workers to successfully completing their apprenticeship: After a three-year vocational training program, 688 apprentices from all over Germany have successfully taken their journeyman’s and journeywoman’s examination at the Campus Hearing Acoustics this summer. Due to the pandemic, the festive graduation ceremony, which was held on 26 June 2021 mainly as an online event, was live streamed from the new afh (Academy of Hearing Acoustics) studio. Approximately 1,500 participants followed the event on their computer screens.

New online studio for multi-media classes and live streams

Seminars and meetings via live stream, as well as professional instructional videos, produced in-house. The Academy of Hearing Acoustics has set up a new online studio with state-of-the art technical equipment to further optimize multi-media classes on the Hearing Acoustic Campus.

Live stream 2021 vocational trainer’s conference

Even in challenging times, the Hearing Acoustician craft makes vocational training possible. The annual trainer’s conference took place, only this year in a new digital format. The event was live streamed from the Campus Hearing Acoustic’s new, modern afh online studio. 200 vocational trainers have taken part in the online event, which took place on May 25 and May 27, 2021. The afh, the national vocational school as well as the journeymen/women’s exam committees informed about training content and requirements.

New Masters for Good Hearing

On the occasion of today’s World Hearing Day, the Hearing Acoustic craft congratulates its new master craftsmen/women. After intensive preparations, more than 50 journeyman/women have already successfully completed their master examination at the Academy for Hearing Acoustics this year.