Delegation of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics attends International Expert Conference in Egypt

From November 16 to 18, a delegation of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics has taken part in the Luxor „Ain Shams Audiology Conference“. During the 3-day event in Egypt, about 200 professional visitors exchanged their expertise on topics around the fitting of hearing systems and the supply with hearing implants. During the conference and trade show with various series of talks, the 50th anniversary of the Ain Shams University, Cairo’s biggest university was also celebrated.

The lecture program of the „Ain Shams Audiology Conference“ included talks of international lecturers as well as presentations for professors and teachers of the Ain Shams University’s Audiology department.

As part of the Lübeck delegation, Hearing Acoustic Master Craftsman, Vincent Gansel, Head of the International and Industry Department of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics, spoke about the “Specialities on children’ earmolds: How to find the right one?“ in the course of the lecture series “The Art of Hearing Aid Fitting”. He explained the specific challenges regarding the selection, manufacturing and fitting of otoplastics for children to an interested international expert audience. 

Other series of lectures were offered on cochlea implants and bone conduction solutions, among others with talks about electro-physiological measurements, vibrant sound bridges and bi-modal hearing. Hearing Acoustic Master Craftswoman Magdalena Ferwagner and Hearing Acoustic Master Craftsman Thomas Becker, bother part of the Lübeck team of lecturers, who had also travelled to Egypt, used the specialist conference for an international exchange of knowledge and took learnings and inspiration for the Master prep- and continued education classes back home with them.

The Academy of Hearing Acoustic’s participation in the „Ain Shams Audiology Conference“ is part of an educational cooperation with the Supreme Council of the University of Cairo, which exists since April 2022. Object of this cooperation is to establish a professional system of vocational training for hearing acousticians in Egypt. The Academy of Hearing Acoustics supports the further development of vocational training and continued education of skilled workers in hearing health professions in Germany, but also internationally. After all, a solid education and training is the basis for a reliable, affordable and high-quality supply with hearing-systems worldwide.

In May 2023, Train-the-Trainer courses were held in Egypt, and only recently 30 Egyptian hearing acoustic professionals in training, learned about the taking of ear impressions, manufacturing of ear molds, as well as the maintenance of hearing systems. As a next step trainings in Audiometry, fitting of hearing systems and evaluation are planned.