Join us in promoting the vocational training in the hearing acoustic craft!

Initiated by the Federal Office of Labour, together with a number of partners, the federal Week of Vocational Training from March 11 to 17, 2024, informs about the opportunites with a dual apprenticeship. An apprenticeship in hearing acoustics, is an excellent basis for a meaningful professional career with great future and career prospects. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified teaching staff, Campus Hearing Acoustics, which combines the Federal Vocational School and the facilities for the industry-wide training of future hearing aid professionals, offers outstanding conditions in order to prepare for this interesting and demanding profession and to start a professional, german-wide network early on in your career.

We invite apprentices, journeymen and women as well as Master Craftsmen and women to inform and share their enthusiasm for their profession with their friends, families and acquaintances. After all, you are the best ambassadors for this modern health care profession.

In view of the demographic changes, our society is clearly ageing. Hence the need for skilled workers in the hearing aid craft will remain high. By sharing your experience in this profession, informing about the versatility of the apprenticeship, and giving career guidance to young people, you make a valuable contribution to securing young skilled workers for our branch and to ensuring a comprehensive system of locally available and professional care for hearing impaired people in the future.

We encourage you to promote your profession and the dual system of apprenticeship in the hearing acoustic craft. Share the link of the Academy of Hearing Acoustics and/or the link to the video and motivate others to get a taste of what to expect in this profession, e.g. through an internship in a hearing acoustic business or by visiting the Hearing Aid Museum on the Lübeck Campus Hearing Acoustics!