Instructor Meetings 2024: Registrations still possible

Meeting fellow instructors help you prepare your apprentices in the best possible way for their Vocational School classes, the industry-wide content and the exams. Focus of this year’s meetings will be a series of customized lectures for instructors, as well as an exchange of experience and information. A registration for the meetings in Stuttgart, Mainz, Dortmund, Kassel, Hanover and Lübeck is still possible.Moreover, there will be an online meeting. Please submit your registration for all dates through the booking portal.  

To cut travelling times, the Federal Vocational School for Hearing Acousticians, the Journeyman’s/woman’s Exam Committees and the Academy for Hearing Acousticians will again organize instructor meetings at 10 different locations all over Germany in 2024. During these meetings there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and room for discussions.

This year, the Journeyman’s/woman’s exam committees will present exam section 2 (otoplastics) in detail. Apart from recent exam results, content and procedure of the otoplastics exam will be addressed, enabling instructors to offer an optimal exam preparation for their apprentices. In their expert lecture, the Academy for Hearing Acoustics, will focus on a comparison of „Frequency Reduction Procedures“. Different procedures will be presented and compared, highlighting the respective advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it will be explained, how these can be recorded and assessed metrologically. The advanced education series „Hearing Acoustic Specialist“ will be introduced, which the Academy for Hearing Acoustics offers since January 2024. Teachers of the Federal Vocational School will provide a critical evaluation of potential use of AI in classes and will look into the subject of inclusion. They will be available for questions. In their lecture, the Campus Hearing Acoustics will present interest facts and innovations. The meetings will conclude with time for an exchange of information and experience.

All hearing acoustic businesses, which currently train apprentices or plan to do so, are welcome to take part. Participants will receive advanced training credits for this event.

You can still register for the following dates and locations:

  • Stuttgart, 13.05.2024
  • Mainz, 14.05.2024
  • Dortmund, 15.05.2024
  • Kassel, 16.05.2024
  • Hanover, 17.05.2024
  • Lübeck, 12.06.2024

If none of the above works for you, there is also the following option:

  • online, 11.06.2024

Participation only with prior registration.