Senator Pia Steinrücke explores Campus Hearing Acoustics and experiences innovation first hand

The Luebeck Senator of Economy and Social Affairs, Mrs. Pia Steinrücke, visited the Campus Hearing Acoustics on Monday, 18 September. The visit followed the speech Senator Steinrücke had given at the occasion of the Journeymen/women graduation ceremony last February. During a tour, Mrs. Steinrücke got an impression of theory, practice and life on Campus Hearing Acoustic. At the beginning of September, new apprentices from all over Germany have started the first school block of their dual vocational training.

During her visit, Senator Steinrücke was able to experience various aspects of the Campus program first hand: live presentations of a digital ear scan and the manufacturing of tailor-made ear molds, working with ear simulator CARL, lifelike ear reproductions, which allow hearing acousticians in training to practice the removal of cerumen and other tasks. An inside view can be transmitted to external monitors.

Janine Otto, Vice President of the Federal Guild of Hearing Acoustics, Dr. Frederick Hahn and Matthias Reichert (afh) along with Michael Blau und Stephan Fuesers, LBS (Federal Vocational School), accompanied Senator Steinrücke’s tour. In her entry in the Campus Hearing Acoustics’ guest book, Mrs. Steinrücke thanked for the fascinating insights in an interesting line of work“.