afh joins Hearing Day of Action at the UKSH Health Forum with Lecture and Hearing Tests

On May 13, 2023, the Hearing day of action at the UKSH health forum, took place at Lübeck’s CITTI Park. Under the motto „Knowledge creates Health“, attendees had the opportunity to get information on all issues relating to hearing health. Experts were available for questions. The afh contributed to the lecture program and also offered free hearing tests. The day of action was organized by the Danish-German network of expertise „Hörakustik am Belt“ (HABelt) and the Lübeck „HörHanse“.

The Hearing day of action‘s lecture program at the UKSH Health Forum generated a lot of interest. Experts of the Odense University in Southern Denmark, the UKSH, the TH Lübeck, the DHI and the afh gave lectures on various topics around hearing health. The lectures were available as classroom sessions or online.

In her short presentation „How can hearing systems help in case of hearing impairments?“, afh lecturer and hearing acoustic master craftswoman Katrin Vagt, informed about benefits of a hearing system and the negative long-term consequences, if a hearing defect is not taken care of. She motivated her audience not to wait long, if they notice a problem with their hearing, but to take a hearing test at a hearing acoustician right away to check out if a hearing aid is needed.

At the Hearing day of action, free hearing tests were offered at the CITTI Park Lübeck by the afh team. Visitors also had the opportunity to have the volume set on their headphones checked, to ensure there is no risk for a damage to their hearing.

The Hearing Day of Action is a joint project for health prevention of the EU financed network of excellence „Hörakustik am Belt“, which consists of hearing experts from Lübeck, Odense and the Lübeck „HörHanse“, combining among others the DHI, UKSH, TH Lübeck and the afh.