Belated Graduation Ceremony takes place in Lübeck

On September 10, 2022 the Hearing Acoustic craft held another big graduation event, honoring approx. 2,500 journeymen/women, who have completed their examinations between 2020 and 2022. Due to the pandemic, their graduation ceremony could only take place online. In the Lübeck event location „Strandsalon“, they now had the opportunity to celebrate properly. With this unique event, the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians, wanted to express their appreciation for the young professionals.

biha-President Marianne Frickel was delighted to finally celebrate the graduates in person during the Lübeck event: „It goes without saying, that in times of a pandemic such ceremonies could only take place virtually, however, now we are truly happy to have the opportunity to hold a real graduation event and celebrate together.“

Greetings were offered by Hans-Jörg Friese, President of the Rheinhessen Chamber of Crafts, Stephan Fuesers, Study Director at the Federal Vocational School for Hearing Acousticians (LBS), as well as Janine Otto, Vice President of the Federal Guild of Hearing Acousticians. Around 400 journeymen/women travelled to Lübeck from all over Germany to join the celebrations.

The outstanding commitment of teachers, lecturers and examiners, who ensured that apprenticeship programs were continued and classes were held during the entire time, was also honored during the event. During the past three years of the pandemic a total of 12,000 written exams were corrected, 3,000 fitting sessions were held and 3,000 ear molds manufactured. Overall 12,000 practical exams were organized. „This calls for a proper recognition in the form of a graduation ceremony, even if the event must be held a little later due to the pandemic“, confirmed Marianne Frickel.