Pediatric Audiology, CI implants, Tinnitus: Keeping Expertise up-to-date through continuous training

Pediatric care, hearing implants, tinnitus – next to age-related hearing loss, these topics are a special focus on the World Hearing Day. Hearing Acousticians with special expertise are in demand. The afh offers many advance education options, among them also training courses in English for an international audience.

The various aspects of hearing impairments make the profession of hearing acoustician extremely varied. In order to find the best possible solution for individual hearing problems, it is of vital importance to commit to continued education to stay on top of current developments.  Especially, when providing hearing systems to infants or children or when treating people with hearing implants or tinnitus special expertise through advanced training courses are required.

The afh continues to offer a comprehensive program of advanced education classes in 2022. Moreover, the afh offers organizes in English for international experts, which promote the transfer and exchange of knowledge and expertise beyond borders.