Congratulations on successfully completing your apprenticeship – have a good start into your professional career!

Copyright: Olaf Malzahn

The Hearing Acoustic craft celebrates new journeymen/women: With their journeyman/women examination in the winter 2021/2022, 236 apprentices from all over Germany have successfully completed their 3-year vocational training in their companies and on the Campus Hearing Acoustics. Due to the pandemic, the traditional ceremony could only be held as an online event with approximately 1000 participants.

„You have chosen a fantastic, very innovative health craft and thus joined the fast, flexible world of progress“, said biha President Marianne Frickel, who led through the festive ceremony. She stressed how important it will remain to keep on growing. The diverse afh program for continued education and advance courses offers optimal conditions. “If you cease to improve, you have stopped being good“, as per Marianne Frickel.

All speakers praised the achievements of the new journeymen and women. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hase, who is affected by a hearing impairment himself, offered his congratulations to the young professionals. He underlined the importance, hearing acousticians have for him personally, and for his clients: „Their positive attitude, openness and acceptance reflect on their clientele and their families and encourage them.” Prof. Dr. Hase is chairman of the Deutsche Gesellschaft der Hörbehinderten – Selbsthilfe und Fachverbände e.V., honorary professor at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences with focus on social work and inclusion. Until 2021 he was the Schleswig-Holstein state representative for people with disabilities.

Stephan Fuesers, director of studies at the Federal Vocational School for Hearing Acousticians (LBS) praised everyone involved for the disciplined observance of the infection regulations. He expressed his respect for the way the new journeymen and women successfully managed to study under pandemic conditions, which required a high degree of self-organization and self-reliant learning. Fuesers encouraged all of them to continue using these new skills in their professional career.

Christian Willam, spokesperson of the examination committees, thanked everyone for their special efforts, which allowed for successful exams even in times of a pandemic.

The journeymen/women certificate opens the door to a profession with varied tasks, a wide range of development opportunities and excellent job prospects. As highly-qualified skilled workers, hearing acoustic journeymen and women contribute to maintain the supply of hearing impaired people with hearing systems on the highest level and thus help them regain more quality of life.