New Masters for Good Hearing

On the occasion of today’s World Hearing Day, the Hearing Acoustic craft congratulates its new master craftsmen/women. After intensive preparations, more than 50 journeyman/women have successfully completed their master examination at the Academy for Hearing Acoustics this year so far.

Copyright: Olaf Malzahn

Systematically relevant professions with a Master Craftsman requirement, such as the one of a hearing aid professional, do not rank behind a university degree. As a matter of fact, Master Craftsmen in the hearing acoustic trade are entitled to use the protected designation “Bachelor Professional”. If you decide, after successfully completing the journeyman examination, to obtain a Master Craftsman certificate, you can open up your own business and train apprentices. Another option would be to pursue a career in teaching or research, an area where hearing aid professionals are also sought after. The Hearing Acoustic course of study in Luebeck, with a Bachelor and Master degree, up to a PhD, would be another possibility.

Whether you opt for a full-time Master course of study or attend intensive part-time study courses parallel to your job – the Academy of Hearing Acoustics offers different types of classes for journeymen/women to prepare for the Master Craftsmen examination. All courses cover the legally required content and skills for the examination.

Exam preparation was even possible during the pandemic-related lockdown phases, as the theoretical parts were offered online. The theory classes of the full-time master courses as well as the intensive courses were held in virtual classrooms. The proven infra-structure as well as longstanding experience with E-Learning offers to complement regular classroom teaching, made it possible to quickly switch to digital courses. The Academy’s excellent hygiene concept as well as the very disciplined behavior of all master students, along with the high commitment of all examiners, lecturers and everyone else involved, who ensured that the examinations could be held even during times of a pandemic, were truly masterful.