Canadian Delegation inspired by dual hearing acoustic apprenticeship

International Guests Visit Campus Hearing Acoustics
Copyright: Akademie für Hörakustik (afh)
Photo: Marko Balabanovic

Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Education of the Canadian province, paid a visit to the Campus Hearing Acoustics during his tour of Germany. Together with his delegation, he wanted to learn about the German dual system of apprenticeship and was enthusiastic after his visit: “An impressive educational institution!”

The Campus Hearing Acoustic, an exemplary institution in Northern Germany’s professional education, enjoys an excellent reputation, nationally as well as internationally. During his 1-hour visit Minister Demetrios Nicolaides was given a comprehensive insight into the vocational training of hearing-aid experts. He was accompanied by high-ranking representatives of the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Education and the Schleswig-Holstein Institute for Vocational Education (SHIBB).

In short lectures and key examples, the experts on Campus illustrated the training methods. Demetrios Nicolaides was particularly impressed by demonstrations on the preparation of ear molds using CAD and their production with a 3D printer. The use of modern hearing systems and available accessories were also presented in detail. Stefan Rutkowski, COO of the Careers Foundation, was convinced: “We will return to Alberta with many positive ideas”.

The Academy of Hearing Acoustics has many international relations and regularly attends global conferences. Only recently, a delegation took part in the 10th Arab Hearing Health Conference in Jordan and visited the Ain Shams Audiology Conference in Egypt. The International Summer Academy attracts guests from all over the world looking for an exchange about the latest developments in hearing acoustics and to attend training workshops. The next courses will be held in August: