Week of vocational education: Campus Hearing Acoustics promotes apprenticeships in Hearing Acoustic Craft

Copyright: Olaf Malzahn

From November 27 to December 03, 2023, the Campus Hearing Acoustics took part in the first “Week of Vocational Training Schleswig-Holstein” under the motto “Chances and Professional Perspectives with vocational Training”. A Campus Hearing Acoustics team informed students, as well as interested teachers and parents about apprenticeships and career options in the Hearing Acoustic craft.

The goal of this “Week of Vocational Training Schleswig-Holstein”, an initiative of the Schleswig-Holstein Institute of Vocational Training (SHIBB), was to show the variety and chances of vocational training programs. The Campus Hearing Acoustic was part of it.

During well attended sessions at the Hanse School and the Gewerbeschule Lübeck, a team of the Federal Vocational School of Hearing Acousticians (LBS) and the Academy of Hearing Acoustics (afh) informed students, parents and teachers about the excellent prospects a dual apprenticeship in the Hearing Acoustic trade offers. Moreover, they explained the options of professional development and continued education, as well as other possible career steps after a successful completion of an apprenticeship in this craft.

The “Week of Vocational Training Schleswig-Holstein” will be held annually from now on. The Campus Hearing Acoustics plans to participate in the coming years in this professional orientation program with information on the apprenticeship and career opportunities in the Hearing Acoustic craft.