Have a good start

Campus Hearing Acoustics wishes all apprentices a good start into the next training year and extends a warm welcome to all apprentices, who are starting a new chapter in their lives with their first year of vocational training.

The Hearing Acoustic Craft is delighted to welcome 500 apprentices this summer for their first year of vocational training. By starting a dual apprenticeship to become a Hearing Acoustician, they take the first step into a career with a bright future and meaningful, varied tasks.

Together with the training companies in the Hearing Acoustic craft, Campus Hearing Acoustics provides an excellent training environment. State of the art facilities here in Lübeck, provide the opportunity to train with the latest measuring technology, 3D printing and CAD systems, as well as high tech simulators and a bank of hearing systems with digital devices of all manufacturers.

During the time apprentices spent together on Campus Hearing Acoustics for the vocal school classes and the industry-wide training, they establish connections, which go beyond the actual training. Here in Lübeck, apprentices have the chance to exchange knowledge and experiences, resulting in networks and friendships, which sometimes outlast the apprenticeship period.

The entire team on Campus Hearing Acoustics looks forward to welcoming all apprentices to the Lübeck Campus!

In our flyer “Living and Learning on Campus Hearing Acoustic“ we have compiled a lot of useful information, which will help you settle in and find your way around campus.