International Demand for afh Pediatric Acoustics Course

Hearing Health Care experts from Costa Rica, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Croatia visited the Academy of Hearing Acoustics from March 27 to 31, 2023, to attend the practice-oriented advanced course in pediatric acoustics, offered at the  „International Summer Academy“ (ISA). The Campus Hearing Acoustics has now organized advanced training courses in English for an international audience for 14 years.

The ISA’s high quality standards and the state of the art equipment on Campus Hearing Acoustics, are the reason why these classes have become a fixed part of the Sonova Swiss International Hearing Academy (SIHA) worldwide training and continued education program.

For years, the afh has offered, an ISA basic course on the fundamentals of fitting hearing systems and also an advance training course for experts from all over the world on the care of hearing impaired children in English. Experienced afh lecturers guide through the training units and take questions from participants. In between sessions, there is the opportunity for informal talks and an exchange of knowledge.

Six SIHA participants from Costa Rica, Tunisia, Bulgaria and Croatia took part in this year’s ISA pediatric acoustics course in Lübeck, held at the end of March. Participants could practice the theoretical knowledge acquired in the ISA Advance Course on the particularities of children’s hearing, child and age appropriate measuring procedures and care options, on the afh’s high-tech ear simulators and later on child test persons. In the end, the afh team of lecturers gave their feedback and recommendations. All participants of the one-week in-class training in Lübeck obtained a certificate.

The Campus Hearing Acoustics has developed to a meeting point for international hearing experts. Over the last years, guests from more than 30 nations have met during the international advanced training courses at the afh, among them audiologists and ENT physicians.