Prick up your ears: “MiniMaster” Guest at afh

It’s never too early to start development programs and pass on your enthusiasm for your own profession. For this reason, the afh joined the Lübeck „MiniMaster“ series of events. On 23 January, Hearing Acoustic Master Craftswoman Larissa Barth and Master Craftsman Thomas Becker, B.Sc., who are part of the afh team of lecturers, explained to children between the age of 8 and 12 years, how hearing works in the auditorium on Campus Hearing Acoustics. They also discussed the options of hearing-aid acousticians, in case a hearing impairment is detected. The age-appropriate lecture „Prick up your ears“ was well received among the 100 curious participants. The event was fully booked in no time.  

The series of lectures „MiniMaster“ gives children the opportunity to get to know scientific and educational institutions in Lübeck, meet lecturers and scientists. The extracurricular offer promotes the understanding and access to interesting subjects and current topics, which cannot be dealt with at all, or only superficially, during school hours. The lectures take 45 minutes and are free of charge. For organizational reasons, a registration is required. Children can collect a stamp for every lecture attended and with a certain number of stamps, they are then awarded a „MiniMaster“ certificate in a closing ceremony.

The series of lectures is planned and organized by the Schülerakademie of Lübeck University and Lübeck hoch 3 (LH3), a joint project of the Lübeck Musical University, the Lübeck Technical University and the Lübeck University. Encouraged by the strong interest at this year’s „Prick up your ears“ lecture for children, the afh will join the Lübeck MiniMaster-Programm  again next school year, as partner in the Lübeck network for education and science.