Professional Practice Day: Group of Lübeck Students visits Campus Hearing Acoustic

Students of the Carl-Jacob-Burckhardt Gymnasium (grammar school), the Emil-Possehl School and the St-Jürgen Comprehensive School used the professional practice day on January 19 to „listen in” to the vocational training program for Hearing Aid Professionals on Campus Hearing Acoustics. They were provided with an insight into the varied tasks, which are part of a Hearing-Aid professional’s occupational profile – and test their talent for craftsmanship with an ear mold.

The group of 13-students was welcomed by Directors of Studies Stephan Fuesers and Stefan Nitzschner as well LBS* Director of Studies Anke Lürmann and the afh lecturers Magdalena Ferwagner and Vincent Gansel, who led the students through a special half day program, which had been created specifically for this occasion. During a campus, tour the 9/10 graders got to know the Campus Hearing Acoustics, its state-of-the-art technical equipment with lecture halls, labs, fitting rooms as well as multi-media studio.

The practice units, taking of an ear mold as well as a 3D scan of an ear, allowed the students to get actively involved, and hence counted among the highlights of the program. The group also briefly joined a practical audiometry class of a vocational training class. Their visit was rounded off with a chat with Hearing-aid acoustician apprentices.

LBS (Federal Vocational School) and afh joined the job orientation day on request of the Lübeck Chamber of Crafts and were pleased to welcome the students and happy with the interest shown.  

School classes looking for information on the dual system of apprenticeship in the hearing acoustic craft are most welcome on campus. Kindly contact the Academy’s service center via e-mail at info@afh-Lü or by telephone, +49 (0)451/5029 0, to schedule a visit.