Canteen space will be enlarged to create more space for healthy and sustainable food

Joint meals, “re-charging your batteries” – the canteen on Campus Hearing Acoustics brings apprentices, administrative staff, teachers and lectures together during their breaks. To create more space and shorten waiting times during lunch hours, the Campus currently expands the existing premises. Since the beginning of August, construction works have started. In the spring – if everything goes according to plan – everything should be finished. The canteen will continue to operate normally during the construction phase.

Especially during lunch hours, the canteen is a central and popular meeting space for up to 1,000 apprentices and 180 teachers and members of staff every day. More than 500,000 meals are served there per year.

During lunch time, when everyone on campus uses the break between classes to get something to eat, you had to wait in line sometimes. For this reason, the building will now be extended to increase the out capacity and thus reduce occasional waiting times.

With a co-financing from the business community in the amount of 1.5 Million Euro, the hearing acoustic craft invests in the Campus Hearing Acoustics, to ensure the best possible environment for learning and teaching on site. Next to state-of-the art technical equipment for the classes, this also includes a generous space for good, health and sustainable food. The Campus Hearing Acoustics partners with a caterer, who is committed to the UN Global Roadmap for Integrated sustainability principles.