Start of City Cycling contest: Team Campus Hearing Acoustics pedals sustainably

For more quality of life, sustainability and less street noise – Campus hearing Acoustics joins the City Cycling STADTRADELN Lübeck initiative again with its own team this year. From September 3 to 23, the team pedals to promote climate protection. No matter if only for a short distance or steadily throughout the entire period, anybody who wants to join is most welcome. Simply register at for the team Campus Hearing Acoustics. Each kilometer by bike counts!

This is what the initiative is about: STADTRADELN is an international contest organized by the Climate Alliance, inviting participating municipalities to collect bike kilometers for 21 consecutive days. Everybody is free to join a team and pedal together for their respective municipality. The world’s biggest bicycle campaign aims at creating an incentive to opt for the climate friendly alternative cycling in every-day life.

And this is how it’s done: The Hanseatic city of Luebeck takes part in the STADTRADELN City Cycling initiative for the 11th time in 2022. Last year 3,545 people in 100 teams joined in and collected a total of 582,187 kilometers by bike, saving about 82 tons of CO2, which would have added up when driving by car.

How to join: After registering for the STADTRADELN Luebeck Team Campus Hearing Acoustics, enter the kilometers covered by bike on the website or download the relevant app on your smartphone to track your kilometers.

The winners are: After completion of the 21-day period, the Climate Alliance, honors the municipalities which have collected the most bicycle kilometers. Ultimately, everyone’s a winner, as we all benefit from lowered exhaust emissions and less traffic noise.

Many teachers, employees, lecturers and apprentices are already part of the team Campus Hearing Acoustics. The school club supports the initiative and promotes the contest, when handing out rental bikes. So, hop on your bike and start collecting kilometers – for the environment and a great team experience!