Apprenticeship completed!

„You are the future of our trade“, said biha President Marianne Frickel to the new journeymen and women during the traditional ceremony for the successful completion of their vocational training on July 09, 2022 and congratulated them on their journeyman/woman certificates. 689 apprentices from all over Germany have completed their 3-year vocational training in their companies and passed the journeyman/woman exam at the Campus Hearing Acoustics this summer. Due to the ongoing pandemic, their graduation ceremony took place as an online event.

„You have chosen a wonderful profession, which is also becoming more important in the public perception“, said Marianne Frickel in her speech and emphasized: „Our craft is considered systemically relevant and has proven to be time and again.“

In his laudatory speech, Ralf Stamer, President of the Chamber of Crafts Luebeck, congratulated the new health craft professionals on completing a demanding vocational training program with a journeyman/woman certificate. „You are the face of this craft“, said Stamer. „Hence you are the best ambassadors for our branch. You are promoting your profession, promoting an apprenticeship in crafts.“ Stamer, carpenter and construction engineer, paid tribute to the Luebeck Campus Hearing Acoustics as a unique, central educational institution for hearing aid professionals in Germany. „It stands for a future-oriented vocational training concept, for innovative initial and continued education and a high level of professional competence“, says Stamer.

„Our life is currently shaped by growing digitization. Your profession has already been digital for a long time“, said Stefan Fuesers, LBS Director of Studies, in his speech during the virtual graduation ceremony. „At the Campus Hearing Acoustics, we do not only try to keep up with this development, but to actively integrate new developments into the teaching. This way, we can set standards for our branch.“

Christian Willam, Spokesman of the journeyman/woman examination board, thanked everyone involved for their outstanding commitment, which ensured that exams could also be held during times of a pandemic.

The journeyman/woman certificate enables you to start out into your professional career. If you decide to proceed with your training to become a master craftsman/woman, you are also entitled to use the internationally recognized title of „Bachelor Professional“, open up your own business and train apprentices. If you then decide to study Hearing Acoustics, you have the opportunity to get a university degree.