Education Agreement: Transfer of Knowledge from Campus Hearing Acoustics to Egypt

There is a global demand for the expertise provided by the Campus Hearing Acoustics. In order to intensify the bilateral transfer of knowledge in the field of professional training, the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Acousticians has concluded a partnership agreement with the highest committee responsible for the education of medical skilled workers in Egypt, the Supreme Council of University Hospitals in Egypt, in May.  Train-the-Trainer classes of afh lecturers are planned as online sessions and on-site courses in Cairo.

A central feature of the partnership agreement is an exchange of knowledge regarding the dual system of vocational training of Hearing-aid professionals in Germany. The objective is to facilitate common quality standards in the vocational training on the highest international level. The central vocational training with industry-wide classes for all apprentices on the Campus Hearing Acoustics in Lübeck serves as an example worldwide. It is therefore planned that afh lecturers offer two courses on otoplastics and fitting of hearing aids with an online theory part and a practical training in Egypt. Afterwards a return visit of Egyptian experts to the Campus Hearing Acoustics in Lübeck with a focus on the professional exchange on the subject hearing implant care is scheduled.

For the signing of the agreement, biha President Marianne Frickel met the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of University Hospitals in Egypt, Prof. Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar. The German Embassy in Cairo, represented by Uwe Gehlen, head of the German development assistance in Egypt, and Antoine R. Saad, Egyptian entrepreneurial consultant, attended the conclusion the agreement.

All participants expressed their hope that there will be long-term benefits for hearing-impaired persons through this partnership agreement. biha President Marianne Frickel stressed that this voluntary and equal partnership can be exemplary “for other countries and organizations. “