City Cycling Lübeck: Team Campus Hearing Acoustics is looking for “kilometer heroes”!

Riding a bike is fun, healthy and climate-friendly – for this reason the Campus Hearing Acoustics will join the City Cycling campaign of the city of Lübeck, which takes place from August 28 to September 17, 2021, with its own team. Anyone, who wants to take part, is more than welcome. Simply register at for the Campus Hearing Acoustics team and off you go! Every kilometer on bike or pedelec counts and contributes to becoming a team of kilometer heroes.

And this is, what it is all about: City Cycling is an international competition of   the Klima-Bündnis (alliance for active climate protection), during which all participating communities collect bike kilometers over a period of 21 days. Anyone can join a team and pedal away for his/her community. The Hansestadt  Lübeck is one of more than 1,600 municipalities in five nations, which will take part in the 2021 City Cycling initiative. This world’s biggest bicycle campaign aims at creating an incentive to choose the climate-friendly option to ride your bike on as many every-day routes as possible.

And this is how it works: After registration for City Cycling Lübeck enter the covered kilometers for team Campus Hearing Acoustics on the website or download the corresponding app, which allows to track ridden kilometers by bike.

The winners will be determined as follows: At the end of this year’s City Cycling initiative, the climate alliance, as communal network, will reward the communities, which have collected the most kilometers based on the number of inhabitants, in five size classes and categories. In the end, however, all participants and citizens of the participating communities, will benefit: from lower emissions and less traffic noise.

Many teachers, employees, lecturers and students of the Hearing Acoustics Campus have already joined. The school society promotes the initiative and advertises it when handing out rental bikes. A joint bike tour of the team is planned. So, don’t hesitate, be part of it and collect kilometers – for the climate, less noise, your own fitness and a great team performance for the Campus Hearing Acoustics!