Start of a new year of apprenticeship

Copyright: Olaf Malzahn

The Campus Hearing Acoustics welcomes all new apprentices of the hearing acoustic craft and wishes them a good start. In August, classes and industry-wide training sessions will resumes in Lübeck after the summer break. Approximately 3,200 apprentices are currently undergoing the vocational training to become a hearing acoustician professional in Germany. The Campus Hearing Acoustics is pleased that this year another 1,000 young people have chosen to pursue a dual apprenticeship program in the system-relevant health craft.

With the initiative „Summer of Vocational Training“ (Sommer der Berufsbildung), the „Alliance for professional training and continued education“ (Allianz für Aus- und Weiterbildung) currently promotes apprenticeships in craft trades, which play a key role in the public welfare sector. The Hearing Acoustics craft has a very high training quota and offers, even during the pandemic, apprenticeship positions all over Germany in the attractive health craft Hearing Acoustics. Highly qualified skilled workers in this interesting profession are in demand, after all they ensure the supply with hearing systems to people with hearing defects, thus enabling them to preserve the quality of life. In Germany alone, there are about 5.4 million of people with a diagnosed hearing impairment, and the number continues to grow. Hearing defects count among the ten most common health problems.

The Lübeck Campus Hearing Acoustics offers ideal conditions for trainees from all over Germany to study theoretical basic knowledge in the Vocational School classes and receive the industry-wide apprenticeship trainings, which complement the practical skills learned in their respective training companies. All apprentices can expect state-of-the art equipment at the central training and continued education facilities of the Hearing Acoustic craft on a total surface of 40,000 m².

Six otoplastic and CAD labs, ten labs for acoustic and hearing system measuring technology, 52 class and project rooms with multi-media equipment and 56 measuring and fitting rooms with audiometry and measuring system equipment, as well as a spacious audio-simulation auditorium are available in the world’s biggest center of expertise of the health trade Hearing Acoustics in Luebeck. On site, you will also find a hearing system bank with more than 2,000 modern, digital hearing devices, enabling apprentices to familiarize themselves with the entire spectrum of the latest hearing device technology.

As of this year, there is also a state-of-the art studio with professional equipment, used to moderate and oversee “Blended Learning” offers. “Blended learning“ combines online and on-site components, so the practical courses on the Hearing Campus can be complemented and supported with digital pre- and postprocessing offers.

The proven and successful hygienic concept with comprehensive protective measures on campus, as well as the transition to offer part of the classes via eLearning and Blended Learning ensures, that our apprentices can safely start, pursue and complete their vocational training programs, even in times of a pandemic.