Apprenticeship successfully completed: Congratulations on the journeyman’s certificate!

The Hearing Acoustics craft congratulates its new skilled workers to successfully completing their apprenticeship: After a three-year vocational training program, 688 apprentices from all over Germany have successfully taken their journeyman’s and journeywoman’s examination at the Campus Hearing Acoustics this summer. Due to the pandemic, the festive graduation ceremony, which was held on 26 June 2021 mainly as an online event, was live streamed from the new afh (Academy of Hearing Acoustics) studio. Approximately 1,500 participants followed the event on their computer screens.

The festive graduation event was hosted by Marianne Frickel, President of the Federal Guild of Hearing Acousticians (biha), who addressed the young journeyman and woman in her laudatory speech with the following words: „You have chosen a fantastic, very innovative health craft and thus joined the fast and flexible world of progress. This profession will put a smile on your face, every time you have contributed to giving someone back lost quality of life through improving his/her hearing.”

All speakers congratulated the graduates on their performance. In her greeting, Luebeck member of the German Bundestag and Federal Commissioner for Patients‘Affairs, Prof. Dr. Claudia Schmidtke, thanked the young professionals for their career choice: “Having the chance to help and actually being able to help, is a wonderful thing.” She continued: „As of today, you will join and strengthen approximately 15,000 hearing acoustic professionals in 6,800 businesses all over Germany, who have so far supplied 3.7 million people with hearing systems. They make a vital contribution to the nationwide provision of hearing aids for all patients.” She also thanked the hearing acoustic businesses for high training quota of about 20 percent and called this quota “a record number of the German economy”.

Stephan Fuesers, Director of Studies at the Federal Vocational School for Hearing Acousticians (LBS) said in his speech: „I am happy and proud, that we were able to successfully prepare and hold another journeyman‘s exam here on the Campus Hearing Acoustics. This is not something to be taken for granted in these difficult times.” He thanked everyone, who contributes to presenting “the Campus Hearing Acoustics as a strong and efficient educational institution.” Christian Willam, Head of the examination committee, announced the official number of examinations held and honored the three best examinees during the online event. „This is already the third time, that we had to hold the examinations under these special conditions. We always had the goal to improve and move ahead.“ biha President Marianne Frickel closed the graduation ceremony and sent the young professionals off into their professional future with the following words: „I look forward to seeing you again soon here in Luebeck. This is your moment, your certificate, your success! “