Congratulations on journeyman’s certificate

The Campus Hearing Acoustics celebrates new journeyman graduates: After three years of apprenticeship, 196 hearing aid apprentices from all over Germany successfully passed their journeyman’s examination in winter 2021. The Campus Hearing Acoustics and the dual system of apprenticeship for hearing aid professionals are exemplary worldwide. The graduation ceremony on January 30 was held virtual due to the current pandemic. The celebration event was attended online by about 500 guests.

The journeyman graduates can start their professional life straight away in Germany – regardless of the current pandemic. Because hearing aid professionals are considered to be systemically relevant and can continue to ensure the care of people with hearing problems even in lockdown times. Anyone who decides to take the master craftsman’s certificate can open an own business. From the initial vocational training to the master craftsman certificate and beyond: The Campus Hearing Acoustics is the central location for training, advanced and continued education in the field of hearing acoustics in Germany.