Using Hightech Simulators: Training on „smart ears“

The afh is the first educational institution in Germany to use the state-of-the-art ear simulators in their practical training courses. Removal of cerumen and other tasks can be practiced on these lifelike ear simulators, while the interior view is transmitted to outside monitors. Observations and targeted feedback through lecturers is thus optimized. The „smart ears“ are mainly used in preparatory classes for the Master Craftsman/woman examination and other further education courses at the afh. An integration of this tool is also planned for the industry-wide training of apprentices.

Twelve cutting edge CARL ear simulators now complement the training with test persons. With the use of this innovative technology from Canada, the Lübeck Campus Hearing Acoustics provides new training options for hearing acousticians and once again sets new standards in the professional training and continued education in Germany and beyond.

In October 2022 a team of AHEAD Simulations from Canada visited the afh and was available for questions. They were impressed by the modern equipment available on campus and were pleased to see CARL in use at the biggest educational center of the Hearing Acoustic craft worldwide.

The technology was sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the „Digitalisierung in überbetrieblichen Bildungsstätten“ program (digitization in industry-wide educational institutions).