International Summer Academy 2023: Pediatric Acoustics Class starts at the afh in March

Today’s World Hearing Day is a reminder how important an international exchange of knowledge is for a good supply with hearing systems worldwide. Practical advanced training courses on Campus Hearing Acoustics has connected specialists from this craft for many years now beyond countries and continents. This year, we will again offer classes in English during the International Summer Academy ISA 2023 for participants from all parts of the world. The first class will be held from March 27 to 31: ISA Pediatric Acoustic . Register via e-mail, only few places left.

Guest from more than 30 countries have visited the Campus Hearing Acoustics over the last years, to take part in the international afh training courses, among them audiologists, ENT doctors and skilled workers in the supply of hearing systems. The transfer of knowledge and the exchange of experiences on key topics of hearing systems always play a central role of these practical and theoretical seminars held in English by afh lectures. Classes are line with the high German quality standards and are recognized by experts from the sector worldwide.

The state-of-the-art equipment on Campus Hearing Acoustics with its labs, fitting rooms and latest measuring technology, 3-D printers and scanners as well as new high-tech ear simulators, developed in Canada, which are in use since this year, offer the best conditions for joint trainings across national borders. The international afh course offer is extended continually and is complemented by blended learning, as well as online and on site seminars on specialized topics.

Registrations for the pediatric acoustics class from March 27 to 31, 2023 via e-mail at: Further information on the International Summer Academy is available at