Bachelor Professional Certificate

Once again, many journeymen and journeywomen have successfully passed their Master examination at the Academy for Hearing Acoustics this year after intensive preparations. Since 2020, you are allowed, as a Master Craftsman/woman in the Hearing Acoustic craft, to use the protected professional title of „Bachelor Professional“ next to the Master title. In addition to the Master Craftsman/Woman certificate an official Bachelor Professional Certificate can be requested from the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Professionals.

The internationally recognized professional title „Bachelor Professional“ underlines beyond countries and borders: The German Master Craftsman title stands for an excellent vocational training, which is equivalent to an academic degree. The Bachelor Professional Certificate can hence be a useful addition to the German Master title in the context of international exchange.  

Everyone holding a Master Craftsman/woman title in the hearing acoustic trade is entitled to request – for a fee of 50 Euro – a Bachelor Professional Certificate from the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Professionals. A copy of the Master certificate must be submitted along with documentation on the place of birth. Further information is available at the offices of the Federal Guild of Hearing Aid Professionals.