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2019-09-24 13:32

International Summer Academy 2020 - registration now open


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For Audiologists, Hearing Aid Professionals and ENT Practitioner


Basic Course Hearing Aid Fitting: 06. -09.07.2020 in Lübeck, Germany
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Advanced Course Pediatric Hearing Care: 13.-17.07.2020 in Lübeck, Germany
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The afh Summer Academy, a one of a kind event, has become an acknowledged meeting of international experts in hearing and important point of contact. Guests from more than 30 different nations have met in Lübeck over the past ten years.


Accomplished experts from the Academy and the private sector come together to share their knowledge on select topics. They offer practical training based on the respected German standards – via avtive practice with real patients and using state-of-the-art equiment avaiable at the Academy.


Hearing aid professionals, audiologists and ENT doctors all profit from this profound training and practical experience.

Networking and intercultural exchange are given ample room to facliitate international professional connections.